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The OZPros Advantage – Why Choose OZPros Over Other Options in the Opportunity Zone Space?

What sets OZPros apart from any competitor or anyone else in the opportunity zone space is our transparency. With OZPros you are going to know exactly what your cost is going to be, exactly what you are going to get and how we are ultimately going to help you achieve your opportunity zone goals.

Another way that OZPros differentiates from others in the opportunity space is our responsiveness and performance. We get it done, and fast. We have set up over 800 opportunity funds and opportunity zone business entities. The knowledge obtained from our experience means we get through the process seamlessly.

In addition to our OZPros network, we have a shell fund that is already set up and available for immediate funding. This is another differentiator that allows the process to happen quickly and painlessly.

OZPros also has an ongoing process so that you can feel secure that you are doing things correctly for compliance and your business model, as well as understanding what is happening inside of your opportunity zone transaction.

The OZPros process is smooth. We send an email requesting the information we need from you, we follow up with a phone call to discuss any questions, then we get you the documents to proceed. By using us to form qualified opportunity funds and qualified opportunity zone businesses you’re going to get it done quickly and transparently.

Our Strategy Call relieves the stress that can often come with working with attorneys. Oftentimes they are there for you in order to get the job done, but follow up communication can be difficult and even costly.

One of OZPro’s main goals is to streamline any questions and concerns so you are not thinking about the hourly rate when you pick up the phone, or when you need to ask a question. We have structured a place where you can feel comfortable about getting your questions answered.

The people within the OZworks group community can assist with a vast range of different ideas, thoughts and concepts through our Done For You package that includes your membership into the group and our Compliance Bootcamp.

After your transaction, we are going to make sure that you continue to be taken care of because we believe in building lasting relationships, not just making money. That is the crucial difference between using OZPros or somebody else in the industry.

Developing these connections is what we love to do here at OZPros and we look forward to having you as part of the team and part of our family. Check out our service offering to see how we can help you achieve your goals!