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OZPros Compliance Bootcamp

Unlock Opportunity Zone 




*Subscriptions auto-renew at the end of each billing period, unless cancelled

Compliance Bootcamp

is a monthly subscription of weekly 90 minute group calls at 10am EST every Tuesday

  • Actionable Compliance Checklist
  • Weekly access to an OZPros compliance expert
  • Access to a community of other OZ Fund managers
  • Regular Updates on Compliance Rule Changes

+ Monthly membership to OZworks Group ($49.99 value)

A collaborative environment for authentically building connections that will quickly elevate your OZ knowledge and strategy to create solutions for your specific needs.

Maximize the potential of your Opportunity Zone fund

YOU'LL HAVE peace of mind AND total confidence

“The quality of the work is astronomical. It’s beyond expectation. We’ve been extremely satisfied. We made the right decision.”

John Hilgers - Clearskies

“Ashley Tison knows everything there is to know about Qualified Opportunity Zones, Qualified Opportunity Funds; he knows it cold.”

Joseph Chiavone - Wisenbaker Builder Services

Flex Your Compliance Muscle

Weekly access to an Opportunity Zone EXPERT

If you run an Opportunity Zone Fund or Business, you know maintaining IRS and SEC compliance is essential. But most OZ funds don’t have a straightforward compliance checklist, a practical game plan, or the ability to get quick expert answers to their unique compliance questions in an affordable way.

This program not only provides you with an actionable compliance game plan and checklist, but helps you stay compliant by having weekly access to an OZ compliance expert via Zoom, and access to a library of compliance Q&As with other OZ Fund managers.


P.S. Our team is partnering with OZworks Group to support the OZPros Compliance Bootcamp. To do this we have launched a private section of our online community of 220+ national OZ stakeholders.

As a participant of the OZ Compliance Bootcamp, membership to the OZworks Group is required and gets you access to the private (Bootcamp) section of our platform PLUS all our ongoing OZworks Group events and resources! We give you this membership FREE ($49.99) value!

Ashley (the OZ Sherpa)