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ashley tison

Ashley Tison

The OZ Sherpa

Ashley Tison, Esq. is the founder of OZPros, the leading Opportunity Zone consultancy. A leading consultant and attorney on Opportunity Zones, tax advantaged structures and investing strategies, Ashley has advised over 500 commercial property investors, family offices, investment advisors and high net worth individuals on how to how to best maximize their tax savings in real estate investments, how to maximize the positive community impact of their projects, selecting an optimal investment strategy, and properly navigating the applicable regulations. Ashley is an engaging and enthusiastic speaker and / or guest covering topics such as opportunity zones, tax advantaged alternative investments, real estate, and tax planning for leading national conferences and educational seminars.

John Vachon

John Vachon

Senior OZ Strategist

Prominent collaborator and influencer in the OZ arena, sharing my expertise through advising/moderating several groups within OZWorks and OZPros.

Experienced sales professional with a demonstrated history of 20+ years in the real estate redevelopment sector and 15-years working in Orthopedic surgical sales industry.

My main focus is Opportunity Zones and their potential generational impact on American communities from a financial, social, and environmental perspective. Over the past 20+ years, I have worked on the Urban Synergy team that has amassed 23 properties in Downtown Kingsport and worked to adaptively reuse many of them as urban lofts, loft office space, restaurant/retail space. We have identified 15 of those properties as qualified OZ properties and have packaged them to sell to a QOF or investor.

Strong entrepreneurship professional skilled in Opportunity Zones, Medical Device Sales, Downtown Redevelopment, Innovation, Events, Recruitment, Working with Surgeons, and the Orthopedic field.