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OZPros Team

Pioneers in the Opportunity Zone industry. Learn more about our certified Opportunity Zones pros!

Ashley Tison

Ashley Tison

CEO & Founder of OZPros

Ashley Tison, Esq. is the founder of OZPros, the leading Opportunity Zone consultancy. A leading consultant and attorney on Opportunity Zones, tax advantaged structures and investing strategies, Ashley has advised over 500 commercial property investors, family offices, investment advisors and high net worth individuals on how to how to best maximize their tax savings in real estate investments, how to maximize the positive community impact of their projects, selecting an optimal investment strategy, and properly navigating the applicable regulations. Ashley is an engaging and enthusiastic speaker and / or guest covering topics such as opportunity zones, tax advantaged alternative investments, real estate, and tax planning for leading national conferences and educational seminars.

Jimmy Atkinson

Jimmy Atkinson

OZ Consultant

Jimmy is founder of OpportunityDb.com and host of the Opportunity Zones Podcast, two of the leading online resources for Opportunity Zone education for investors, developers, and tax professionals. His background is in economics and Web marketing.

OpportunityDb provides world-class tools, education, and analysis to help individual investors, family offices, real estate developers, and industry service providers navigate the ins and outs of the Opportunity Zone program — empowering them to help create positive social impact in under-invested areas of our country. In addition to being founder of OpportunityDb, I am also host of the Opportunity Zones Podcast, founding partner of OZPros, and co-founder of OZworks Group.

Passionate about impact investing and tax-advantaged investment opportunities. At the crossroads of these two concepts is the Opportunity Zones program, a place-based tax policy intended to economically revitalize some of the poorest areas of the United States with new real estate and business development.