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OZPros 60 Minute Strategy Call

We Are A Full Service Opportunity Zone Advisory Firm

You may have heard about the Opportunity Zone program, but how do you actually use this program to mitigate taxes and/or raise capital for your Opportunity Zone transaction? You could scour the internet for hours looking for answers to those questions or plunk down a five figure retainer with a white shoe…OR you could schedule a call with the OZPros.

Why a paid strategy call? Well, in order for us to democratize access to Opportunity Zones, we had to come up with a program that was simple and easy and the most effective way to get your questions answered. We try to keep the price as low as possible in order to make it as valuable as we could.


We stand by our Opportunity Zone strategy calls with a guarantee that if you don't get value out of your call, you get your money back. Schedule your strategy call with OZPros today and get your Opportunity Zone questions answered!

Ashley (the OZ Sherpa)

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$249 | OZPro Strategy Call
  • 60-minute OZ brainstorming call 
  • Discuss entity structuring options 
  • Determine need for legal counsel 
  • Questions answered in real time
$499 | Ashley Tison Strategy Call