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What is OZPros Compliance Bootcamp? Am I Going to Sweat!?

Am I going to get yelled at to do push-ups? The answer is no. OZPros Compliance Bootcamp is a Opportunity Zone Compliance themed weekly call every Tuesday from 10am EST to 11:30am EST that happens in the OZworks online community.

OZPros Compliance Bootcamp is a monthly fee of $350.00 USD. This fee includes your membership to the OZworks online group ($49.99 value). After joining OZPros Compliance Bootcamp you will have an intake interview where the OZworks group will work out who to connect you with within the OZworks community. Then you will be specifically directed to the OZPros Compliance Bootcamp section of the group.

In the bootcamp section of the group lives a list of all of the bootcamps that we have done, and any we do in the future. You will have access to watch all of those videos.

We also have Frequently Asked Questions within the OZPros Compliance Bootcamp section of the OZworks online community. Here you can post questions inside the FAQ and get a video response to your question from an OZPros expert before we conduct the next bootcamp. If we do not address your question between bootcamps, we will definitely take it up on the following bootcamp.

Ultimately, what is OZPros Compliance Bootcamp? OZPros Compliance Bootcamp is a Zoom session where we go through a multitude of questions from those of you participating regarding Opportunity Zone Compliance.

These questions range from basic information about Opportunity Zones to complex topics that the professionals inside the room bring to the table. This is an open forum for us to have a Socratic discussion about Opportunity Zone legislation and information where we can further discuss these regulations and any issues or questions that might apply to your projects.

Our goal is to provide solutions for you that you can take and apply to your own business. We look forward to having you join the OZPros Compliance Bootcamp so that you can get all of your Opportunity Zone questions answered.

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