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Almost $7 Billion Raised By QOFs in Q3 + Q4 in 2021

According to a report conducted by Novogradac, Qualified opportunity funds, also known as “QOFs”, reached an investment total of $6.88 billion from July to December 2021 (according to the Novogradac Opportunity Zones Investment Report).

1,342 QOFs were tracked by Novogradac to provide insights and statistics for this report. This is a substantial finding due to the rustic increase in equity since the first half of the year which was about $7 billion less. This is also the largest increase for any of Novogradic’s reporting since May 2019.

The fact that this report does not include any proprietary or private funds owned and managed by their principal investors…makes it fair to assume that the number is even higher than the data collected. To keep up with more Opportunity Zones news and reports from Novogradic you can check out their website