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Ashley Tison, Esq. is the founder of OZPros, the leading Opportunity Zone consultancy. A leading consultant and attorney on Opportunity Zones, tax advantaged structures and investing strategies, Ashley has advised over 500 commercial property investors, family offices, investment advisors and high net worth individuals on how to how to best maximize their tax savings in real estate investments, how to maximize the positive community impact of their projects, selecting an optimal investment strategy, and properly navigating the applicable regulations.

Ashley is an engaging and enthusiastic speaker and / or guest covering topics such as opportunity zones, tax advantaged alternative investments, real estate, and tax planning for leading national conferences and educational seminars.

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Opportunity Zones are economically distressed areas within the United States where over 30 million people live and work. OZs are in locations that are a part of daily life for many including downtown communities, industrial parks, suburbs, and rural areas.

Taxpayers can help improve these areas by putting their capital gain into a Qualified OZ fund. If this is done properly, ideally by an experienced OZ expert, there is a delay and reduction of taxes owed to the government. If held for 10 years, the taxpayer can pay zero capital gains tax on the new investment in the fund.

Ultimately, if you hold your investment in a QOF for 10 years, you will pay no capital gains tax or depreciation recapture on the exit, which could lead to a 30-40% greater net return.

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